Program Coordinator (Trio Upward Bound)

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Program Coordinator (Trio Upward Bound)


Expected Start Date: As soon as a suitable candidate is found.

Date Posted: 8/17/2022

Application Deadline: Open Until Filled.

Position Title: Program Coordinator (Trio Upward Bound)

Apply Reports To: Director, Trio Upward Bound


The Program Coordinator is to assist the Director with strategic planning, program management and operations.  Specific duties include the following:

  1. To lead, direct, and provide oversight in development and delivery of educational programming and external communication for Program;


  1. To implement all activities related to the identification, recruitment, selection, assessment, and advisement of Program participants each year;


  1. To assist the Director with planning, designing, facilitating, promoting, and presenting programs and activities to Program participants and parents/guardians (i.e. information and support for postsecondary education, financial aid, academic assessment, career exploration, college tours, cultural activities, tutoring, mentoring, etc.);


  1. To conduct academic needs assessment and develop student educational plans;


  1. To assist the Director in coordinating the summer, academic, and tutoring components of the Program;


  1. To assist the Director with coordinating special events, including college tours, field trips, educational, and social issue workshops;


  1. To assist the Director with interviewing, hiring, training and supervising Faculty, Residential Staff, and Program Assistants/Tutors;


  1. To develop workshops and provide information related to personal development, motivational, college admission requirements, scholarship opportunities, and the financial aid application process (in individual and group settings) to participants and their parent(s)/guardian(s);


  1. To maintain accurate, confidential, and well-documented participant files in accordance with federal guidelines and Upward Bound policies and procedures;


  1. To assist the Director in building partnerships with Target School Staff, Administrators, and the Community to brand Upward Bound and provide opportunities for students.


  1. To participate in the research and preparation of performance reports, evaluation, and assessments for internal use, the U.S. Department of Education, Paine College, and other Program constituents;


  1. To maintain and develop strong school and community presence by visiting and implementing programs at target schools, community-based organizations, and other off-campus sites;


  1. To assist the Director and Office Manager/Budget Assistant in preparing on-line requisitions for goods and services as needed;


  1. To be available to chaperone college tours and field trips including out-of-state and overnight;


  1. To teach one class in college orientation at the Institution (as needed); and


  1. To adhere to all General Policies for TRIO Staff as outlined for the current year.


Master's Degree in Counseling or related area.



*PLEASE NOTE: Currently, position is grant funded through May 31, 2022. Pending notification from the U. S. Department of Education in late April 2022/ early May 2022, position may be extended beginning June 1, 2022, continuing through May 31, 2027.

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